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Oceans, travel, the good life. Listen to The Sun Lounge with international solo artist Adam Dunning each week for feel-good vibes with the best of world music and exotic travel.

Adam Dunning brings you the best of music and travel from the brighter side of life. Bossa Nova, Surf Jazz, Nu Jazz, and Folk from amazing artists all around the world. Adam will tell you where you can find more of this fascinating music, take you to exotic destinations worldwide, as well as upcoming festivals in far away places. Listen to it anywhere, or even while you're getting there.

The Sun Lounge takes you somewhere else.

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On our 40th episode, Adam pays homage to his first love, Bossa Nova.  Many of the main characters of the genre are featured, including those Adam's recorded with in Rio. 

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do.  Please!  In Episode 34, Adam spoke with Lonely Planet's Chris Zeiher about respecting culture when travelling, just so you won't be climbing into fountains at the Vatican wearing nothing but a G-String. Get with the program by listening via

Episode 35 took us to Lombok, Indonesia with international dancer Alex G-Ray. Listen here via

Adam Dunning is your host each week on The Sun Lounge

Adam Dunning is your host each week on The Sun Lounge

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Photo: Dr Jytte Holmqvist

Photo: Dr Jytte Holmqvist

On episode 41, Adam talks with a Swedish adventurer, Dr Jytte Holmqvist, about Matakana, New Zealand.  From urban noise, hustle and bustle, speed and people chasing time that still escapes them, to soothing and soul-nurturing Maori Waiatas at Auckland International Airport named after the admirable female New Zealand aviator Jean Batten flying solo across the Atlantic, the intense colours of the NZ bush and nature offer a Kodak moment at every turn. Idyllic spots like Matakana reached through serpentine roads embedded in lush verdour are an opportunity to relax, gather thoughts and enjoy mental focus connecting with Place and People in a spirit of companionship and solidarity. New Zealand offers so much in every nook and corner and it seduces the visitor with is breathtaking beauty.

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In Episode 11, Adam takes you to Istanbul.  Istanbul is a mystical 24hr city, with European and Asian continents separated by the great Bosphorus Strait. Adam interviews his Istanbul co-writer and world music composer ChanCé and we even get to hear her catchy tune "Cafe Africa".  Download Episode 11 right here.

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